Bexley Mocks

Bexley Mock 1 Results (Taken on 3rd Aug 2022) 

Bexley Mock 2 Results (Taken on 6th Aug 2022)

Bexley Mock 3 Results  Taken on 10th Aug 

Bexley Mock 4 (Taken on 13th Aug Currently Marking)

Kent Mocks

Kent Mock 1 Results (Taken on 5th Aug)

Kent Mock 2 Results (Taken on 12th Aug)

Newstead Mocks

Newstead Mock 1 (Taken on 7th Aug)

St Olaves Mocks

St Olave's Mock 1 Results

Creative Writing Exam St Olaves Stage 2 (Taken on 7th Aug)




Please ensure you come at 9.30 AM to all Bexley and Kent Mocks 

to write your name on all answer sheets, as well go to the toilet etc

(Answer papers with missed names are preventing us from publishing 

results within 72 hour period)


New classes will be starting in Sept for Year 5, 4 and 3

Booking details will uploaded shortly


URGENT NOTICE: Sunday 14th August Mock Exams have been Rescheduled

Harris Academy Falconwood still remains closed so Sunday 14th August, St Olaves and Newstead Exams have been rescheduled:

1) St Olaves Exam  Stage 1 Mock Exam: Moved to 9.30 am at St Michael's Community Centre (End time 10:30 am)

2) Newstead Exam Mock Exam: Moved to 10:30 at St Michael's Community Centre (End time 12:30)

3) Catch up Mocks Moved to 10:30 am at St Michael's Community Centre



Other Notices

  • Summer School Timetable
  • Bexley Mock exams Wed/Sat and Kent Mock exam Friday will be from 9.30-12pm
  • St Olaves/Newstead Exams Sundays


Venue for Monday to Sat :

St Michael's Community Centre

Wrotham Road


DA16 1LS



Cost (we have a variety of tracks available)

Please note Newstead and St Olaves exams will be held on Sunday Mornings (Venue still to be decided)

Package Deals Full Tuition and Mock Exams:

Sorry no pro-rota, discounts, changes or refunds on package deals 

·      Tuition  and  Bexley Mock Exams Track (Includes 8 Bexley Mock):  Siblings discount  now available 


Book & Pay

·      Tuition and  Bexley & Kent Mock Track (Includes 8 Bexley and 4 Kent Mocks): 


Book & Pay

·      Tuition and Newstead, Bexley, and Kent Mock Track (Includes 8 Bexley, 4 Kent, 4 Newstead Mocks) 


Book & Pay

·      Tuition and St Olaves, Bexley, and Kent  Mock Track (Includes 8 Bexley, 4 Kent, 4 St Olaves Mocks) 


Book & Pay


Mock Exams Only:

Sorry no pro-rota, discounts, changes or refunds on package deals

           Package: 8 Bexley Mock Exam only                                                                                                             £250 Book & Pay
           Package: 4 Kent Mock Exam only      £160 Book & Pay
           Package: 4 Newstead Mock Only      £200 Book & Pay
           Package: 4 St Olaves Mock Only      £200 Book & Pay


Pay as you go model for Mock or Tuition is £50 (Subject to availability)

Book and pay available only at end of July and subject to availabilty