Stephen Greenhall

(Head of Maths)

Retired Senior Head Teacher and former Ofsted Inspector (BA in Education)



 Esi Clarke

(Head of Key Stage 1 Learning)

Primary School Teacher - responsible for Key Stage 1 (currently on Study Leave)



 Aishah Nazir

(Specialist 11+ Teacher)

Current Bexley Primary School Teacher (PGCE Qualified)



 Meghan Sullivan

(Specialist English Teacher)

BA English Literature and Classical Studies - Currently Studying MA in English Literature


Life Changing Tuition is a specialist Bexley 11+ Tuition and Mock Test Centre

Life Changing Tuition offers small group (1 teacher per every 2/3 children) and private tuition

The group tuition is split into 2 classes :

1) Literacy 
2) Numeracy/NVR

Bexley 11+ Mock tests are held every month and 3 times a week during the Summer Holidays.


Life Changing Tuition Teaching Principles

Life Changing Tuition is founded on traditional principles of pedagogy yet informed by the latest research and good practice. This means that children are given the confidence to realise their full potential.

Children are on a journey to becoming adults, which starts now. The right education is key in this process. Any parent would agree that there is nothing more important to them than their child's future. Every parent desires for their child to become successful - taking full advantage of the opportunities before them.

We believe that self motivated independent children can overcome any impediment to learning. Thus we maintain a sharp focus on learning styles because all children learn differently. High expectations consolidate our approaches helping intrinsic learners to become ambitious learners and set their sights high.