Results are still trickling in..........

So far

94 passes (roughly 90% pass rate !)

More results still to come. This figure may go up or down.

Kent Mock Results

  • Guided pass mark is 65%
  • You must not score less than 60% in English or Maths otherwise it is a failure
  • Calculation of score achieved by English% + Maths% + (Average of NVR%,VR% and Spatial%) and divide total by 3
  • Dartford and other supper selective Kent schools will typically need 83 to 85%+ depending on competition
  • Otherwise offer of Kent schools dependent on Distance
  • Answer sheets will hopefully be available by next Saturday morning (we are currently stapling the sheets)

By now your should be score above 75%.

If you have NOT done so please hire one our private Specialist Subject Tutors ASAP

We hope to make answer sheets available on Sat morning