Unfortunately, the answer papers were handed back to students before all the results were entered into our spreadsheet.

Therefore, you will need to calculate the scores, by following these instructions:

  • Take an average of all the English scores: (Comprehension, Cloze, Shuffle and Vocab). This will be your English %
  • Take an average of all the maths scores (short maths and Problem solving). This will be your Maths%
  • Take an average of all the NVR scores and this will be NVR%

To work out your overall score, do the following:

(English% x 2 + Maths% + NVR%) / 4 = Overall Score

 OR please text me your scores and I can work out the overall scores


Summer MOCK 5 Results

(Taken on 18th August 2021)

  • Please remember Sat 28th Mock Exam starts at 9.30am
  • Due to Kent Mock Supply issues we are adding an extra day for the Kent Mock Exam: Friday 27th August (10am)

       (Free if you on block booking otherwise £50)

  • If you scored below 70% please consider private lessons with our subject expert teachers.

Sat Mock Exam Time Changes

Please note

Sat 21st August Time Mocks will be held 11.30 AM

While Sat 28th Aug 9.30 AM

Summer Mock 4 Exam Results

  1. As part of the summer School and Mock block-booking we will be sponsoring a Kent 11+ Mock Exam on Friday 27th August (i.e., NO PAYMENT REQUIRED for those who have paid block booking for mocks or lessons). For other parents the exam will cost £50.Please note I will not have the time to mark the exam, so will ask students to take their answer papers home for marking.
  2. By now students should have reached 70% in the mock exams. If you have not achieved this score, please text me urgently.