We have 7 Students with Outstanding Mock Payments

(Please text if you have financial issues so we can defer payments)


  • I will try and organise a Internet class tonght at 7pm (though I need to recover sleep)
  • Last year of majority of kids scoring over 70%, then went on to pass the Bexley exam (80%+ is the comfort zone)
  • Can all students please text feedback, once you have taken the bexley exam.
  • And Good Luck ! I hope to employ some of you at our tuition centre when you get to Year 9

We will be forced to close the tuition centre during Lock down.

All classes will now be online.

This week we will be offering free taster sessions (no payment required)

throughout the week


Our Next Free Trial/Test Session

will start Thu 6pm 



(Only for students who have not had training)

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