• We have number of students who yet to pay for this mock – please do so ASAP
  • Mock based on Bexley format – weighting as follows:

o   English (50%)

o   Maths (25%)

o   NVR (25%)

  • Full Mock review will be done in next class – (complete with answer papers)
  • 1:1 Parent meetings are available after each class – please book when paying for you lessons
  • Next Mock (29th Feb to 5th Mar)
  • There will be no closure during half term

Mock 2 Results 

  • Exam based on Bexley format
  • Weighting is as follows:

                o   50% English

                o   25% Maths

                o   25% NVR

  • Exam review next lesson
  • Please remember parent 1:1 meeting can be booked with the attending classroom assistant


Current pass rate 93%

Well Done to the following.......


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2) Tuesday 6-8 pm

3) Wednesday 6-7pm (Year 4 and Year 3 only)

4) Thursday 6-8pm

5) Sat 10am-12pm

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