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Bexley Exam

Lettsgettestreadyb1Letts Get Test Ready Book1


Lettsgettestreadyb2Letts Get Test Ready Book2

letscembumper  Letts 11+ Practice Test Paper


Kent Exam

 GL     All 36 GL Papers


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English guide 11+ English Guide


Maths (click below)

maths guide 11+ Maths Guide


bondmaths1 Bond 10-11 Maths


CGPMaths1  CGP 11+ Maths 10-11

CGPmathswordproblems1 CGP Maths Word Problems 


English (click below)

FPTPcomp1 English Comprehension Classic


FPTPcomp2 English Comhrensions Contemporary

FPTPComp3 English Comprehensions Non Fiction

vocab Foxton 11+ Vocab Fash Cards


NVR (click below)

Schofiled and SIMS NVR  Understanding Non-Verbal Reasoning

CGPNVRPracticebook CGP NVR Practice Book 10-11 (CEM)

 CGP NVR 10 min  CGP NVR 10 Min Test 10-11 (CEM)


VR (click below)

SchofiledandSIMSVR Understanding Verbal Reasoning